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Large Rambler Bottle Sling

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On-hand hydration meets hands-free convenience. Little compares to an ice cold hit of water on a hot day, especially mid-hike. But hauling all the hydration you need for miles? We bet your hands could use a break and that's what this sling is for. So go ahead and summit trails with countless ice-cold gulps to look forward to with this Yeti Rambler Bottle Sling that is available in 2 sizes and perfectly designed to hold your Rambler. 


  • Flatback design-the sturdy, flat-back structure lets the pouch comfortably rest against your body or bag-no more rolling around en route. 
  • Eva molded bottom-A durable, compression moded base keeps your bottle upright.
  • Easy to clean-Nature isn't known for being clean. But no worries, dirt and mud wash off this exterior like it's nothing.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.