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Soaring Suds Shampoo Bar

These Shampoo Bars offer a moisturizing clean with soft, sudsy lather which can be used all over the body.  With very little packaging, our Shampoo Bars are as friendly to the environment as they are to your hair and skin. Use like a soap bar and rub between your hands to make sudsy, then rub against your scalp. 


Coconut Suntan: Feel the fragrant warmth of coconut and citrus breeze across your sun-kissed skin.

Firm Foundation: Drift away on a cloud of dreamy lavender, chamomile and sweet sugary musk.

Sol Searcher: Inhale the bright, invigorating lemon explosion with a soft sugary finale.

Summer Oasis: Splash into a fresh fruit salad of pineapple and mango finished with a gentle sweet musk.

Manic Melon- Bask in the warm summer breeze that carries a fresh juicy watermelon scent.