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Sugar Ladle SS

This sugar ladle serves the perfect amount of sugar for sweetening tea, coffee, cereal, fruit, desserts and more. It's specially designed with a bowl that's deeper than a traditional sugar spoon to scoop up a perfect spoonful of sugar with less spillage. Works great for all types of sugar. Whether granulated sugar, sugar in the raw, turbinado sugar, brown sugar, or sugar substitutes, just scoop it up, sprinkle and enjoy. The sugar ladle doubles nicely as a marmalade or jam spoon or honey spoon. Or, use it for scooping smaller amounts of condiments and sauces, like chutney, slaw, roulade, and other toppings. A versatile addition to flatware and tea accessories, this stainless steel sugar ladle is up to the task at every dining occasion. Stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.