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  • STIR, SCRAPE AND SERVE | Supoon is the world’s best cooking spoon! With its flat silicone tip, deep scooping head, and flexible squeegee sides, you can scrape your pan or bowl clean, leaving nothing behind and even less to clean up
  • MEASURES UP | Comes with 15ml tablespoon and 5ml teaspoon measurement lines. Now you can scrape, measure, stir, mix, scoop and serve using one spoon. With all these incredible features, the Supoon measures up to its name!
  • BENCH STAYS CLEAN | The non-stick spoon that doesn't mess around! The clever handle design means you don’t need a spoon rest. With the Supoon’s head raised off your bench, your kitchen counter stays clean and the Supoon stays hygienic
  • HANDLES THE HEAT | Stay cool when things heat up in the kitchen! The Supoon is safe to use on non-stick cookware thanks to its silicone tip which is heat-resistant to 260°C / 500°F. It’s also dishwasher safe