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Veer Cruiser Retractable Canopy

From Veer, this attachment features:

  • Veer's Retractable Canopy quickly and intuitively clips onto Cruiser's frame and easily extends up and down. One or two can be attached above either seat
  • A peak-a-boo window allows you to see your precious cargo and discreet, hidden magnets hold the window in the up position
  • Canopy works perfectly with Napper to create the perfect rest stop for young ones
  • Quick and easy attachment and removal from Veer Cruiser
  • One or two can be attached above either seat
  • Intended for use over seated passengers only
  • Two Year Limited Warranty, Register your Cruiser and receive 1 additional year
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth or for a more thorough cleaning, rinse with a hose and hand wash with a mild detergent